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_Steve Marshall

THE LONELY HEART’S DJ runs the town’s radio station - Documentary feeling. The radio show will be filmed mostly on Super-8 and 16mm film.

The radio station runs a program for lonely hearts and the charismatic DJ uses the show to reveal the hopes and dreams of the towns “hottest women”. At times people search for channels in the radio and tune into his station. His voice becomes omnipresent and slowly connects the inhabitants of 29 Palms, CA with each other. Even before they have ever met in person they are anticipating each other‘s stories. In the beginning all characters lead a distant lonely life.


"I..I don’t know, I mean, I guess no one knows more about a lonely heart than me. I mean, I begin every first date by asking how are you gonna ruin my life..."

2008-04-08 17:56:00


Hi you’re listening to “The Lonely Hearts Radio Show”, but I know you’re really listening to your heart. You pretend it’s me you’re having a dialogue with but it isn’t. Fess up. It’s the continuous beating of your heart. You wish it would stop, that you couldn’t hear it, because then you could talk yourself into believing you don’t have a heart and you can’t be hurt anymore. You hear your heart thumping and it makes you mad. Mad because if there were other noises surrounding you, perhaps the noise of another human being interested in you, you wouldn’t hear your heart. The pounding noise just underlines with each thud your loneliness. It’s A LOT to ask me to FILL in for your unhappiness. Fuck you. I’m lonely too. I know you because I am you. I’m hurt too. So together we despise each other and need each other. Don’t turn off your radio, I need you too. We’ll be right back after this sickening commercial, I don’t want to play it, you don’t want to hear it, but we’re lonely so we need the NOISE.