_about the character
_Austen Tate

MARGARITA, a 19 year old Spanish girl leaves home with no direction, just her backpack and a journal filled with questions. Margarita begins to reveal her character in prose like form, questioning the future and having flashbacks to the past she begins to unfold the mystery with the two girls finding one another

Austen's character Margarita draws upon the wild woman within herself. As Margarita searches for her path and relates to the world, she opens the window of her soul. And through this window she finds a poet…a creative, innocent creature that holds the ability to let her spirit dance. Margarita then records her experience within a journal that‘s never revealed. What is revealed are the waters of emotion in her internal dialogue and the passionate interactions with her lover Cristal. 29 Palms is a story represented in the mirrors of a lovers’ quarry.

2008-03-12 00:55:00

Leaving, gone with the wind to the desert of sins. Love left long ago and all I see now is the horizon of the sun blazing down on my misery. It looks like a painted picture, surreal fake clouds, playdoh trees, desert bike biscuits riding in the folly of illusions. Where am I going? When will this lost soul be captured by an angel¹s wings? How long must I walk this dusty, heart broken path? Am I destined to walk this deserted road until I waste away to nothing, left to the vultures and terrorists for their taking? I will just keep walking