_about the character
_JD Rudometkin


An orange Para shoot flows down from the dark blue sky - very far away. Several women in town are noticing this. A bit later we'll see him in the heavy yellow fireman suit crossing left to right through the frame with the Para shoot still attached, while Stevie is on the phone talking about him on the Lonely Hearts Show. He's passing by all the time. Like a dream or a vision you can't capture. Like a Shape Shifter he takes on whichever form and personality the people he encounters want to see him in.

Cab driver, tree planter in the desert; carpenter: he builds the stage for OXANA and MAX, which will be used for the funeral, for the wedding; the towns mail man: brings the packages to the LONG TERM MOTEL GUEST.

His voice is quite apparent.

"don't fluff", "no one can predict the future", "everything changes (constantly)", "it's never enough for you"