_about the character
_Udo Kier


Hans appears from the desert one day as a mysterious stranger.
Who is he?
Why is he here?

Inexplicably, he owns a map of where to find OXANA's stage. Following this map, he eventually comes across the stage and takes it on as his own. He begins to "live" on it, converting Oxana's make/up table to a piece of art by using bird feathers. He starts to write out large cue cards with words like "LIEBE", "GEWALT", "EINSAM". When OXANA arrives and finds him there, she is at first a little surprised and careful around him – who is this intruder to her "stage of consciousness"? - but then the two begin to play off each other and Hans starts to "direct" Oxana in her efforts to experience and live out her emotions. When Oxana is eventually able to turn out her innermost feelings, Hans is the one who retracts emotionally and is unable to cope with her display of affection, mirroring her usual behavior in the real world…

So who is he REALLY?
And what connects him with Oxana?

Does he even really exist?...