_about the character
_Daisy McCrackin

I can't remember if I chose this life. I think I must have, but I might not have known what I was in for. My family turned out to be mostly jerks. My mom says I was named after the champagne. My dad likes to say I was named after his product. I had a dog, Lucy, born when I was two, she was just about my only friend. I got lost in the desert with her once..... really lost...... when I was about nine. She saved me. When she was twelve, I guess that's old for a dog, ....she just wandered out into the desert one day when I was in the shower, and didn't come back. One minute she was there, the next, I never saw her again, I never could find her to say goodbye. I looked everywhere, even the old mine shaft we hid in when we were lost. No one else cared. So pretty soon I left too. They don't miss me, unless they just got used to having someone around to blame. Now I run my own life, and its ok. I get by and have fun sometimes too. I keep away from men and other lowlifes. I wouldn't mind if I end up in Las Vegas, or Los Angeles, as soon as I can get away from the desert. Seems like I still have unfinished business out here.

We'll see.

2008-04-15 13:01:00

2008-03-31 13:16:00

"It is dusty out here in the dessert Cristal. It is windy. The tears stains on your cheeks spell my name." ~~Margarita

2008-03-12 22:55:00

“Tell Her”
Tell her that the car wouldn’t start
bring her flowers, chocolate
in a heart shaped box
tell her that you got a jump start
I dunno, tell her that you walked
Just don’t tell her I was with you
She thinks this is near enough
Doesn’t matter nothing happened
Only that we wanted it to
Tell her that the car wouldn't start
It’ll have to do
(musical chorus)
We had to let the sun come up
on just us two
You would’ve stopped it
if you could have
Wouldn’t you. wouldn’t you?
We didn’t even say much did we
Let the radio play
I never saw a softer night
turn into a louder day
Tell her that the car wouldn't start
What are you supposed to say
And if she don’t believe you,
you know you have a place to stay
Yeah, if she don’t believe you
just turn around and walk
back my way
(musical chorus)