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_Camille Waldorf
The MUSE only interacts with the world through performances, and is otherwise tucked away with her greatest teacher and friend, Eurban, her horse - and her everything! They travel from city to city together. He is her mom, dad, friend, teacher, and healer. Then the day comes when it is time to say good-bye, as Eurban has to leave this world behind. The muse goes into a dark space, where she is called by her destiny to one day be to the world what Eurban showed her to be: "a fighter for love". It is her darkest hour for all her loved ones are in heaven, not only her best friend, but also her father and mother. In the daytime she works at the bird shop. As she becomes stronger, she realizes that she must be strong enough to be a part of the world and give what Eurban gave her, so she can become a healer and a muse.


"EURBAN DYING" by Camille Waldorf


"FIGHT" a song by Camille Waldorf

Time is timeless
why... there's nowhere to go,
I fight for love
but sometimes it rains, oh,
little rain, little rain, eh
sweet drops l felt... on my face
you never felt anything,
I tried and tried,
I dont want to deny it
but I tried and tried
is love worth fighting for
I can't deny,
will it make me feel better
or will it tell me where to go
out in the ring,
you could hear everything
fight for love, kill for money
can you kneel with me,
Until the end,
I held your hand my friend
fight for love.
When I was, black and white,
you coloured in
fight for love...

2008-12-15 11:10:00

video by Camille Waldorf


2008-03-10 19:39:00

After I came home from Eurban dying in my arms, a cricket bright and green just came walking through my front door, all lit up by sunshine. I picked him up and noticed he had crooked wings. I thought he was hurt but then he began to climb up my arm and up to my face. He went up the bridge of my nose and began rubbing his nose on my center brow. I realized that not only is this incredibly strange and miraculous that at least some being is showing care for how I am feeling, but also that god is always there and comes i n many forms, and shows himself in many ways. This one was truly surprising. The cricket played in my hair for the day and perched on my shoulder. Then at dusk, he returned to the garden. I then turned back inside. There, I healed myself with singing and dancing in spirit.