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_Robert Mack

THE RECLUSE does intimate character revealing videos of the inhabitants of the mobile park / motel. His videos are complex moments of intimate interaction. He does these videos clandestinely, for example of the actress as a voyeur, the motel owner's wife bathing in the nude (or suit) by the pool while the pool boys are cleaning, or Stevie with Lance through a trailer window. He LOVES all his subjects SOOOO much, but needs to objectify them by creating his videos - that way he's safe & there is never ever any pain! Extremely shy, hardly ever talks. Wears raincoats, except when with THE MUSE.

He sits in front of his TV alone at night, watching the video he made of the actress and at the same time listening to the Lonely Hearts Radio Show, while the actress & other subjects are speaking. Whenever he meets new muses, he films them, but is too shy to speak to his subjects.

His video subjects: he completely understands and loves them like no-one has ever loved them (he's obsessed with them), but in real life... that's another story. characters other scenes taking place in the story / film as well...

Some of his little videos: Sorya, Stevie, the muse, parakeets (erotic), even Lance, could be nice documentary transitions (distorted through his TV playback) into the characters' other scenes taking place in the story / film as well...

He has a philosophy (you see... he is really deeply, deeply crazy) about his video clips - it's haiku video: IDEALLY his clips are done in one continuous take, so that all is "in the moment": no editing, no adding of music, no disco, etc. This forces him & to commit completely to the moment. But he can also re-film the haiku videos (off his TV while we hear VO: radio, music, voices in his head, etc.), recreating them in a new way, which is okay, 'cause this, too, is being done in the moment as per his philosophy. Layers...

He's a schizophrenic: always looking over his shoulder, always in the shadows, scurrying about, holding his little camera. Yet, he LOVES the trailer park / motel & its inhabitants, for there he feels SAFE (everyone there is SO into their own lives), because no-one will find him in there, hidden amongst all the non de-script trailers, and yet he can still create his little video world.


2008-12-09 02:18:00


the recluse age 11

2008-03-11 23:32:00

These moments they're so beautiful, so real, I can barely stand to watch them. And the best part is I don't have to talk to the person, or listen, or say anything. It's painless.

I like to play the videos over and over again. I find secrets hidden in the moments, secrets about the person, secrets they don't know even exist I want to tell them, but that would mean disaster.

That girl in the box at the drive-in... she's great. And the box around her is like a frame and a frame puts everything into context. I can imagine her thoughts, her desires, her sadness, her loves, her loss, even my reflection in her eyes.

I'd like to be able to say at least one word to her. But I freeze every time she looks at me. I'm such a loser. Courage for words never was my forte. But images Yes, maybe if I film her and show her and tell her things, maybe then she will speak to me.

But what will I do if she answers?!