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Love, lost and unrequited leaves its mark in our lives as a senseless pain that has no place in the present. The ex lover experiences the residues of love as an amputee experiences the sensation of a ghost limb. It is the tangible experience of "absence" that has inspired this piece. It is using the nuances of memory and imagination to explore relationships as we all have experienced them, to reflect about the (im)possibilities of the simultaneousness (of love) - a simple harmonic motion?

All characters of 29 Palms, CA are trying to find their own personal truth.

Life itself is changing their perspectives. All characters are living in their own lost world.

The place they live in, 29 Palms, CA is more the idea and reflection of a place then the place itself. Almost imaginary with the bright desert light painting their realities and fata morganas likewise into the desert’s horizon.

Reality, memory and fantasy will converge. Subject will become object and absence will become art.

Connected through the Lonely Hearts Radio Show they anticipate each others experiences. Even if they haven't met yet they know each other, anticipate each other's stories.

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