_about the character
_Steve Marshall

THE LONELY HEART'S CHARISMATIC DJ is developed, played and written by Steve Marshall.

"My career as a stand up has cost me a marriage and at least three failed extremely intimate relationships. No one knows more about a lonely heart than me. I begin every first date by asking: 'How are you going to ruin my life?'.. "

Steve Marshall is an accomplished stand up comedian. When not swamped with headlining comedy clubs doing 450 club dates a year, he is finding outlets for his ever flowing creativity and thoughts by writing and directing…or simply going mad with ideas in the streets or his apartment in New York City.

He has been seen performing stand up on NBC with other guests Jars of Clay, Uncle Kracker and Miss America on dare to dream 2002.

He also wrote and directed the short film get the script to Woody Allen, which deals with the theme of how people think one obsessive gesture will change their entire life. The movie won the Long Island Film Festival Best Short Video and was an Academy Award Consideree.

Steve is currently directing driving me crazy starring Mickey Rooney, Celest Holm, Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna, and Dick Cavett. He has also just finished writing a TV pilot called slow your roll, which has a good chance of appearing on HBO or Showtime.