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_JD Rudometkin

LANCE, THE SMOKE JUMPER is developed, written and played by JD Rudometkin. JD also writes and performs the music for his and Stevie's character.

JD Rudometkin is a man of (the) god(s). Capitol g. He has changed his name twice and may go the way of Prince one day, symbolically. During his incubation in the womb, his  mother completed a painting of The Church of the Transfiguration in Kizhi, Russia. The painting was lost in a house fire 8 months later, but JD survived. At age seven, having recognized his ministerial avocation, he broke his right arm. When the physician asked (the then) David what he would preach about he declared, “   ”.

His first performance piece was a homiletic tale of the prodigal son (redux). It was a modern re-telling. The son went off into the world and blew his inheritance, and the son blew back home after suffering the hog food. So Rudometkin went on giving these homilies throughout his young life until, while taking his degree in Theology, JD discovered the world of mythology in an art course, and he has been a little lost ever since. Homelessness has its advantages, however, because one begins to wander about seeking something else. It was more spontaneous for him. And gradually the theatrics of the pulpit began to morph into theatre, film and art. 

Rudometkin has performed his theatrics from Honolulu, through California into Colorado and throughout the New England States. He has created two solo Theatre Shows, “Ubiquity” and “Honey Venom” which were performed at California Stage and Tantalus Theatre in Sacramento. He has been nominated twice for Elly Awards (Sacramento Theatre). His first film, “Sweet Pea” was recently shown at the Festivus Film Festival in Denver, Colorado. It premiered in Los Angeles at Art Share LA. The film “Poker Run” recently premiered in Los Angeles at the Charlie Chaplin Theatre at Raleigh Studios. JD was a lead actor in the film, which is being distributed by Lyons Gate Films. This summer JD will also be appearing in the Film “Shutter” which will premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival. 

According to Rudometkin, “This heap of paradox we call moral, immoral, right-wing and left, religious and secular, truth and fiction is simply a way to button our jackets. The myth begins and ends in a wave of brain.”

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