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My name is Camille Waldorf. I am a fine art painter, ballet dancer, ex Olympic level vaulter, singer- musician, fashion model, actress, writer, filmmaker, photographer, and an animal lover.

I began to do gymnastics at the age of two. Then I began vaulting on horses at the age of five, which is gymnastics and ballet on a horse - the animal that runs around in a circle. I was also doing ballet. I trained for the Olympics for ten years and then retired.

At the age of four I began painting classes. I made 100 paintings and did my first solo multimedia show at the age of thirteen. That same year I began collage at Cabrillo Collage in Santa Cruz, California. I studied painting, dance, choreography, photography, theater, writing, and algebra 2. I performed in two plays and two dance concerts. In the dance concerts I was in 3 to 4 pieces of choreography. I was also in a dance company outside of the college, called “Crash, Burn and Die”. I completed my A.A. at Cabrillo, and at 16 transferred to the San Francisco Art Institute. I continued to study painting, color photography, and art history for the following four years. I was studying at the San Francisco Dance Center under several dance companies, Alonzo King, Enrico Labain, Arturo,Carol Caddic, Susan Saltmarsh, Robert Mosses, and was in company with Shawn Rouse and Kate Duyne. This was all contemporary ballet and modern dance. I performed all over San Francisco. I was also acting and modeling at this time. I was in music videos as a lead actress, such as mushroom jazz by Marc Forina, Third Eye Blind, and I.N.X.S's last video ever shot. I was modeling for Levi's, millers out post doing editorial fashion and runway. I was in such films as wild flowers, what dreams may come, and then moved to Los Angles to shoot a film with John Morrise called the bacchae. I dove into modeling. At my first runway show I got the cover of apparel news working for Jared Gold. I have been in worldwide fashion magazines. In addition, I just finished a Quentin Tarantino film. I have been showing and selling paintings, writing for films and getting ready to be the lead in a film called beauty produced by Robert Mack.

CAMILLE, THE MUSE is developed, written and played by Camille Waldorf. Camille also writes and performs the music for her character.

2009-05-25 14:20:00

29 Palms, CA
20/3 - 14/6/2009
Camille Waldorf shows her piece "Eurban dying"

Museum of Applied Arts (Camera)
curated by Jírí Pátek


2009-05-25 13:43:00

camille portrait

I am a painter who works with real, surreal, and abstract images. I work with oil on canvas, acrylic, and acrylic ink on paper. I like to paint the human figure to capture past, and present moments. I prefer to paint musicians, and dancers because they both have the element of live sound, movement, and acting. That can also have these elements found on film, and in photography. This makes the study of their documentation accessible, and available to paint and draw live.

In my thought process I start from the most intense inspiration I feel that I must deal with immediately. It may range from mental, emotional or physical sensations. I use the techniques I have learned from the art teachers in painting and all the other arts that I have studied. Such as photography, acting, dance, & music. I apply these exercises while I am making my work so I can open up different gateways of energy. I like to discover how it can teach and show me new things while working with imagery and paint. I listen to music, look at pictures, watch films, and read to connect myself to the world. So that even though I am making the art I am truly always celebrating. I filter what I am communicating about from myself in combination with the inspiration I get from others. I go to live music, dance, and film shows. I do sketches capturing the live animation of the performers, musicians, choreographers, and filmmakers. I am always listening, watching and, connecting to the world around me. I like to fallow the connection and direction that the paint and the subjects show me as they also show the world. I like the essence of things that come from lessons in life that can be transferred into art. I listen to the sound of my heart and try to see what it is saying. And even though it's just me working I never feel alone.

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